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Many of our followers have asked for special readings, courses and more. We are now starting to add the things you have been requesting, with more to come.

We are now offering a paid subscription-based access page. We will be calling the special access area the Insiders Group. Here we will provide special amenities to those who subscribe to the group.

The subscription rate will be $47.00 USD per month and will include these amenities:
1. A private 1-on-1, 60 minute face-to-face (via GoToMeeting) reading once per month. You will be able to schedule your reading on-line to fit your schedule based on our availability.

2. 25% savings on all courses available on the Courses site -

3. 25% savings on all readings available on the Services page

4. Additional Courses being developed now

Pending - Special Merchandise being developed...also coming soon!

You can join the Insiders Group by subscribing / signing up here -or- via the
"Insiders Subscription" Subscribe link on the Services page.

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